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Quarantined at ten years old, my mother was one of 9,086 reported cases of polio in the United States in 1941.  She endured four months of recovery and rehabilitation in hospital.  Through it all, she received daily letters from her Aunt Sadie, an inspiring life line to the outside world….


Through these letters, my Aunt Sadie taught my mother how to be a kind and good person despite adversity.  Sadie brought the outside world to that hospital room in small but significant ways.  At a time when there were no cell phones or computers, a letter every day was warm and meaningful.  I know each one brought my mother great comfort and connection.


May these beautiful poems and letters, written to an isolated ten-year-old girl eighty years ago, bring solace to those who are going through hard, isolating times today.

Endorsed by Dr. Charles H. Kuttner -

" As a psychiatrist, I've worked with many adults who were confined in hospitals as children.  I am so struck with these letters from Aunt Sadie.  They are caring, loving, never talking down to Rhoda and show the essence of positive psychology long before it became a school of thought."

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A Life in Words

Shari Lyn Anderson has always been passionate about writing and storytelling.  As part of her writing process, she loves immersing herself in her projects—diving headfirst into the research, production, and fine-tuning the story she felt was the most worthy of telling.

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